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A couple questions were posed recently regarding diets for dogs versus cats.

Dogs are opportunistic carnivores, or omnivores, like human beings. If you can prepare healthy well-balanced meals for your human family, you can do so for your dog. Dogs might not only enjoy a homemade casserole, in fact they’d probably enjoy a side salad of greens and cottage cheese!

Cats, on the other hand, are obligate (true or strict) carnivores. Cats have been domesticated for significantly less time than dogs and even after choosing to live in proximity to humans, they retained their independent nature, and survived on rodents they hunted rather than table scraps.


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I feed my cats a homemade raw diet.  I think raw diets are the “gold standard” in feline diet.  However, I will state loudly and adamantly up front – I THINK CANNED FOODS ARE A PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE CHOICE!  However, there is NO DRY (KIBBLE) FOOD I deem acceptable.  I will occasionally use a freeze-dried food, freeze-dried treat, or dehydrated treat as a TREAT, but not a meal… and you have to be CERTAIN they are truly freeze-dried, air-dried, or dehydrated, not processed – as many food labels are deceptive.  Even if these items were ideal in every other way (low in carbohydrates, little-to-no veggies, fruit, grains, etc.) they are LACKING IN MOISTURE and that moisture is imperative to proper kidney and urinary tract health.

Doing it “right” does not mean it has to be difficult!  Personally, I buy a pre-ground meat/bone/organ product (Hare Today) and add a few supplements.  It is SIMPLE.   See the video below!

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I got it in my head to make a video showing people how easy it is to make your own cat food. I’ve gone from selling a nutritionally complete frozen raw food to a frozen meat/bone/organ food component – which is much more economical, but many of my customers/potential customers are daunted at the idea of supplementing it.

I’m actually pretty pleased with the “final” version. It’s not great – my editing skills leave much to be desired, as do my “starring” skills. But, I think it illustrates the point I wanted to make: This is Not Hard.

Making Cat Food

My first attempt was laughable. I showed it to a friend, and after laughing at my sad effort, she agreed to work the camera for my next attempt.

For laughs, here’s the first version. It’s quite obvious I struggle making food with one hand while running the camera with the other. It’s also apparent I have somehow managed to put the camcorder on zoom and don’t know how to take it off. Many extreme close-ups.
Making Cat Food – Poor First Attempt

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