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I don’t date often, to put it mildly. In fact, until recently I hadn’t been on a single date in more than EIGHT YEARS. In large part, it just didn’t seem worth the bother – awkward dinners with someone I barely know, struggling to make small talk? Not my idea of a great time. In larger part, I don’t think a woman my age with a LOT of cats is considered much of a “prize” in the dating department.


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Well, I had a rotten week last week. I know, we all have them. Doesn’t prevent me from feeling rather sorry for myself when I’m raked over the coals.

(By the way, of course the moment I wrote that I had to go surfing to find the origin of the saying “raked over the coals” – I find it quite appropriate in my case.)

Raking people over the coals was something that was practiced in Europe a few centuries ago. If people suspected that you were practicing witchcraft, or that you didn’t believe in things that the church said, then you were accused of being a heretic and dragged over red-hot coals of a slow fire. If you survived the ordeal, then you were declared innocent. If you didn’t, well it was just too bad.


Anyway, back to my bad week. When you have an opinion, you’re bound to run into people that disagree with you. That’s rather obvious and pretty inevitable. Sometimes the disagreements can turn a bit nasty, and that happened in two cases this week. Someone disagreed with me on the prevalence of pancreatitis (and hometesting cats’ blood sugar levels, and feeding canned food) – someone else disagreed with me on… well, honestly, I’m not sure, but I think they had an issue with the canned food as well (but on the opposite end of the spectrum – person “A”, Eddie/Pat, felt canned should never be fed, only dry – and person “B” felt canned food should never be fed, only raw.) While I personally think raw is probably the best diet we can feed our feline friends, I don’t take issue with feeding canned. I feed canned to my foster cats, and my own cats on occasion.

Anyway, I was lamenting the fact that it was a stellar week for the Lynette Haters Club (standing room only) last week to my friends Glenn and April. Well, since I have such WONDERFUL friends, they promptly decided to cheer me up with a “We Love Lynette Fan Club” on Facebook.

Yes, I joined. Glenn pointed out that was a bit narcissistic, but since the Lynette Haters aren’t members of the club, I don’t much care.

Mel isn’t sure what we’ll do on this group. Hmmm… not sure, but I hope it involves snacks. (No, sugar rehab isn’t going particularly well. I’ve rather fallen off the wagon.) Maybe the point is just to let the Lynette Haters Club members wonder what we’re doing, and whether we’re having fun doing it.

Oooh.. I just discovered the spellcheck feature of the blog… that’s helpful. Anyone else found their spelling abilities have decreased as technology has increased? I used to do quite well in spelling bees, actually – but now found I’m a bit spellcheck dependant.

One last item of note – I am giving myself a “break” of sorts from a few of the many activities I find myself busy with, and hope to do a bit more writing. Cheaper than therapy, as April says.

“To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” ~Elbert Hubbard

Update: According to some of the “Lynette Haters”, I am now selling different canned foods and has some kind of business arrangement with these companies. I’m misrepresenting myself on online forums, by not explicitly disclosing that I have a financial stake in selling certain brands of canned food.

Um, perhaps I haven’t disclosed that I sell canned food – because I don’t? Perhaps I haven’t disclosed this financial stake because there isn’t one? If you look at my little business’s website, you’ll see I sell some raw pet food components, as well as dehydrated and freeze-dried food and treats. No canned food. I sell things primarily because it saves me a bit of money feeding my cats to buy wholesale and/or get a distributor’s discount. Last year (2007) I had a whopping $700 LOSS on this little business. That’s after considering the bit of income I had cat-sitting. So, Lynette Haters, you can continue your false and libelous campaign, but I would hope any intelligent person could quickly determine you’re full of it.

Duty Calls

Source: http://xkcd.com/

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Yes, after all my misadventures with MySpace and LinkedIn and Catster… I was convinced to join Facebook. “You have to join!” One friend said. “They have Catbook so each cat can have a page and be friends with my cats.” Great. So now my cats have pages on Catster and Facebook. I can also have few friends in three different online groups. A friend from YourDiabeticCat.com started a group on FaceBook for those of us on YourDiabeticCat.com (YDC), and I started a similar group on MySpace.

On FaceBook, I found something new. First, I discovered you can track down videos featuring your friends. I found a very embarrassing video of my brother setting something on fire on the stove. EXCELLENT! It was worthwhile to join FaceBook for that alone!

I also noticed you could “poke” people. No idea what that meant. I poked my brother. He poked me. I showed a coworker the embarrassing video of him, and noted I could poke my brother, and illustrated. He asked what poking meant – I had no idea. My mobile phone rang – it was my brother asking why I kept poking him! So, I guess if you poke someone repeatedly, they call you?

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