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I feed my cats a homemade raw diet.  I think raw diets are the “gold standard” in feline diet.  However, I will state loudly and adamantly up front – I THINK CANNED FOODS ARE A PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE CHOICE!  However, there is NO DRY (KIBBLE) FOOD I deem acceptable.  I will occasionally use a freeze-dried food, freeze-dried treat, or dehydrated treat as a TREAT, but not a meal… and you have to be CERTAIN they are truly freeze-dried, air-dried, or dehydrated, not processed – as many food labels are deceptive.  Even if these items were ideal in every other way (low in carbohydrates, little-to-no veggies, fruit, grains, etc.) they are LACKING IN MOISTURE and that moisture is imperative to proper kidney and urinary tract health.

Doing it “right” does not mean it has to be difficult!  Personally, I buy a pre-ground meat/bone/organ product (Hare Today) and add a few supplements.  It is SIMPLE.   See the video below!

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I got it in my head to make a video showing people how easy it is to make your own cat food. I’ve gone from selling a nutritionally complete frozen raw food to a frozen meat/bone/organ food component – which is much more economical, but many of my customers/potential customers are daunted at the idea of supplementing it.

I’m actually pretty pleased with the “final” version. It’s not great – my editing skills leave much to be desired, as do my “starring” skills. But, I think it illustrates the point I wanted to make: This is Not Hard.

Making Cat Food

My first attempt was laughable. I showed it to a friend, and after laughing at my sad effort, she agreed to work the camera for my next attempt.

For laughs, here’s the first version. It’s quite obvious I struggle making food with one hand while running the camera with the other. It’s also apparent I have somehow managed to put the camcorder on zoom and don’t know how to take it off. Many extreme close-ups.
Making Cat Food – Poor First Attempt

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