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Catchy title, huh?

Some of my friends have deemed me the “Queen of Poop and Puke”. While not a particularly flattering title, the sentiment is actually rather nice. I’ve worked with six cats with gastro-intestinal issues now – adopted and fostered. Generally, vets lump these cats into the category of “IBD” or Inflammatory Bowel Disease – meaning their intestines are inflamed, reasons unknown.

The thing is the reason generally *isn’t* unknown – at least not to me. The reason is an inappropriate diet – most often DRY KIBBLE. Of the six cats I’ve worked with – not a SINGLE ONE needed to remain on a prescription diet or medications. They were all “cured” by a diet change and nutritional supplements.


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One of my five bazillion pet peeves…. a caregiver is convinced to change their cat’s diet (usually because the cat is now very ill with diabetes or gastro-intesinal disorders – or is severely obese)… and after a week or less they respond with “It’s a Miracle!  Fluffy’s diarrhea/diabetes/vomiting/whatever is GONE!”

IT IS NOT A MIRACLE.  It’s simply good nutrition!

 If I was covered with big red itchy hives, and I finally decided to eliminate all peanuts from my diet – and the hives disappeared, would we conclude it was a miracle?  NO!  We’d conclude I must be allergic to peanuts!  Why is it to hard for people to accept their cats’ ailments were a product of poor nutrition?  Do they really have that much faith in the pet food industry?

It makes me absolutely INSANE whenever someone comments on the “miracles” I work with the cats I adopt or foster.  They ARE NOT MIRACLES!  Though fellow posters on online forums joke about the “magic fairy dust” in my basement – there is none.  I am simply feeding cats the way nature intended – a diet that is meat-based, high-protein, low-carbohydrate, and high-moisture!

But, for some people I guess it’s easier to believe I wave my hands over the cats and chant, or have magical fairy dust, than it is to believe the commercial pet food that fills store shelves could be anything but the best for our feline friends.

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