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When a caregiver contacts me regarding a cat having difficulty breathing, coughing fits, and/or wheezing – my first guess is asthma.  My second guess would be heart disease.  Then again, it could be as simple as an upper respiratory infection (the cat’s version of the common cold.) There’s not a lot you can do for a cold – but if it’s progressed to bronchitis/pneumonia, an antibiotic would be appropriate.  Obviously, the first step is to get the cat to a vet.  Any cat having difficulty breathing should see a vet IMMEDIATELY!  I’d start with a chest x-ray.

In the case of  asthma, treatment is generally two-fold. 
1)  A preventative medication/corticosteroid such as fluticasone (Flovent)
2)  A short-acting (emergency) medication/bronchodilator such as albuterol
Inhaled medications are VASTLY preferable to injected (or oral).  Inhaled medications obviously target the respiratory system.  Therefore, they have fewer systematic side effects.  Injected or oral steroids can cause diabetes and attacks of acute pancreatitis.

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I wrote earlier about my current medication frustrations.

They continue.

It’s become even more difficult to pill Studley. I took him to the vet yesterday (where he got a depomedrol steroid shot for suspected asthma). If the shot works, we’ll begin inhaled meds. In the meantime, his still on some pills for another (behavioral) issue. When I voiced my concerns at the vet yesterday, as I’m not sure the pills are even helping or necessary and incredibly difficult to give him, the vet needed to see for himself by prying Studley’s mouth open and popping down a piece of a treat. Well, sure, looked easy enough for him. In my defense, the vet didn’t have to CATCH him. I’d already chased him around the house to get him and put him in a carrier and transport him to the vet, and was holding him, docile, on the exam table.

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More video madness

Yes, I’m back to making silly little videos!

First up, Omaha descending the stairs. I always feel bad for him, struggling to go down while the other cats zoom by effortlessly. Omaha has an old hip injury and arthritis, and it’s very difficult for him to walk, let alone do stairs. (In fact, he’s no longer allowed to do the stairs himself as he fell a few times after this video was made.)
Omaha takes the stairs

Next, Afer “singing”. She’s quite the little opera singer.
Afer singing

Finally, Louie giving Studley a massage. We added “mood music”.
Louie gives Studley a massage (and bath)

I also recorded my friend Heather giving her cat, Rocky, his inhaled medications. Rocky has feline asthma. This is one of what I hope will be a series of educational videos for Feline Outreach at some point.
Rocky gets his inhaled meds

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