Driving Miss Dixie

Dixie seems to really like riding in the car.  I have a friend whose dog dislikes getting in the car, and I’ve always felt bad for her.  It’s nice to have a dog hop up willingly into a vehicle without protest.  None of my cats seemed to like riding in the car. However, I can’t blame them.  The car never meant “good things” to my cats – it meant going to the vet, or moving.  For Dixie, the car can mean going to the park! or obedience class! or the vet! an adventure!  Some of the adventures turn out to be adventures she wish she hadn’t had, but getting into the car means possibility!

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Not your nachos

I seem much better at unintentional training than intentional training.  Dixie and I are definitely lagging behind the others in our basic obedience class, and I’m certain that’s my doing – not Dixie’s.

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Dixie enjoys her purchased dog food and treats.  However, I like the option of some more “natural” foods and would love some lower-calorie options than the spreadable cheese and peanut butter I’ve used in her Kong.  Here’s a list of fruits/vegetables given to Dixie to try:

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I’ve little experience with dogs.  I’ve never had a dog of my own.  I have friends with dogs, and have had family with dogs, and even briefly had a roommate with two dogs.  But I consider myself pretty ignorant when it comes to dogs.

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When good things go bad

My infatuation with pomegranates continues. Today I was ready to prepare another. Apparently, this is what happens when pomegranate goes “bad”. It looks like a rabbit with a serious digestive problem left gooey bunny turds inside my pomegranate.


Some bunny does not feel well

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Lost in Translation

Unfortunately, my ability to understand my cleaning lady has no relation to the importance of the information she is trying to convey. For example, I struggled to understand that I could reschedule my cleaning or that I forgot to leave her a check once. However, I understood perfectly that her mother is coming from Poland to visit and it will be the first time she’s seen her in ten years.

She gave me a lovely box of chocolates and a card.

Holiday card from my cleaning lady

Holiday card from my cleaning lady – inside


Holiday card from my cleaning lady – outside

I am going to guess this says something wishing me a happy holiday and new year… or something along those lines. I have no idea.

Last year I got a similar card. I took it to work. I asked a Polish coworker about it. The conversation went something like:

Me: Can you read this? Do you understand what it says?
Coworker (examines card carefully): Yes

Me: Um… can you read it TO ME?
Coworker: Blah-blah-blah in Polish

Me: Um… okay. Can you translate it for me? I mean, can you tell me what it says in English?
Coworker (thinks): Blah-blah birthday of baby Jesus… happiness in year ahead….

Me: Great! Thank you! I basically just wanted to know if it said “I hate you, I hate cleaning for you, you are an evil witch and I hope you rot.”
Coworker: Um… no… it does not say that.

Coworker does not appreciate my twisted sense of humor. That’s okay, many people don’t. I understand this.

The verdicts are in

The verdicts are in. I have tasted all the interesting things I purchased Friday night in the produce section. (I haven’t yet tasted the frozen breaded okra – but I have tried all the produce, so I’m going to call it.)

Okay, this has nothing to do with the produce I bought. I bought this jar of chili paste a while back. I didn’t know what I’d do with it. In fact, the cashier at Trader Joe’s said she would have no idea what to do with it. I was kind of hoping it’d be some sort of substitute for the curry paste I’d been buying – that had shellfish in it.


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