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Fugly fashion

I went to PayHalf recently. My friend Merril introduced me to PayHalf, and while the clothes are definitely geared toward girls less than half my age, the deals are INCREDIBLE and I find it a great place to stock up on t-shirts, etc. I managed to spend over $120 at PayHalf on this particular trip. Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to spend that much there, when long-sleeved t-shirts can be had for $5?

My most expensive purchase was $11. It was a hooded sweater. It was a rather UGLY hooded sweater, but I saw it and thought it’d be the perfect warm sweater for those cold winter days where I want to throw something on while I sit at home on the computer or playing with yarn.

The sweater has grown on me, though, and now I’m actually liking it. It’s SO ugly, I think it’s gone beyond just ugly to FUGLY and therefore interesting and FUN!


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