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 I credit some of my weight gain over the years to my LOVE of delicious coffee drinks.  Now, some of my friends would argue I don’t even like coffee.  Maybe they’re right.  I certainly never ever drink black coffee – or even sweetened black coffee.  I was one of the many in line for a green tea frappuccino or a chai tea latte or a white mocha or a mint condition – no, don’t hold the whipped cream or sprinkles.  Heck, why not also get a scone while I’m there?  They are scrumptious!

So, one of the first things I missed when I started NutriSystem was my “coffee”.  Because I missed it so much, I got a bit creative and started crunching numbers.  I can see the large coffee drinks with whipped cream and flavorings and scones that I got in the past started out my days in excess of 1,000 calories.  Oh my!  I was consuming most of my calorie allotment for the day in the morning and getting little-to-no NUTRITION in the process!

However, I’ve figured out there’s a way to get my coffee and drink it too! – and get the weight off.


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