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Blood Clot! Or not.

Rumpelmintz got a dental Wednesday. As I noted, something seemed very wrong when I got her home. Her rear left leg wasn’t working, she was falling over. I called my friend (former veterinary assistant, and cool under pressure) screaming “OMG! Rumpelmintz’s leg is broken!” She asked a few questions, and quickly ascertained it was NOT broken. It was probably just the anesthesia wearing off, but told me to keep an eye on it. By Friday, it wasn’t much better and I made an appointment to take her back to the veterinarian.

In my usual over-reactive way, I captured her limp on video, complete with slow motion and titles. I brought it on CD with me to the vet’s office. The vet examined her thoroughly and assured me it was NOT a thrown blood clot. It was merely some pain and inflammation from the IM injections given prior to anesthesia. (She most likely made it worse by struggling.) If needed, I can give her some Metacam to help with the inflammation and pain.

The vet was, as usual, wonderful. They didn’t charge me for the visit, and responded to my apologies with “I’d rather see you bring her in, overly concerned, then let it go if it was really something serious”.

While I was there, I picked up some injectable famotadine and syringes for injecting B-complex into the sub-q fluid bags. The receptionist chuckled, saying I always have a “list” of things I want. They know I’m “special” (meaning high-maintenance and crazy). The vet asked to keep the CD with the movie on it. I suspect they’ll all be watching it, complete with popcorn, laughing their heads off at the crazy cat lady’s video of her cat’s leg.

Video of Rumpelmintz’s Leg

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It’s been one of those weeks… or months.

It’s been CRAZY busy at work.  We have a huge project going on that I’m immersed in and we’re under the gun.  So, I’ve been putting in extra hours, staying late, and doing some work from home in the evenings and on weekends.

I had the brilliant idea to schedule dentals for three of my cats:  Rumpelmintz, Omaha, and Jellybean.  Jellybean had been for a regular exam in November, and the vet noted severe tartar, etc., so she needed a cleaning.  Rumpelmintz had been acting funny around mealtime – eating a few bites, then running away from the bowl and stealing food from another cat instead – a possible indication she was having some pain eating (and thought it was caused by her particular bowl).  Omaha almost always indicates tooth pain, pawing at his mouth.  Has since before I adopted him.  Since he can’t be examined while conscious, I just schedule a dental about once a year, and they gas him down and examine and clean him all at once.

I decided that rather than take a cat for a dental once every couple weeks, I’d take all three at once.  It’d be time-effective, and I could charge the cost to my Care Credit card and pay it off over time with interest deferred.  One thing I neglected to consider in all this, is I now have THREE CATS on antibiotics and pain meds twice daily – in addition to all the usual cat medications, sub-q fluids, and insulin injections.  Jellybean and Rumpelmintz are both very difficult to pill, though I manage.  Pilling them twice daily does NOT add joy and sunshine to my mornings or evenings.

 To top it off, we got some bad news.  Omaha’s always had the mouth issues, as well as issues with arthritis and hip problems.  He had a couple surgeries on his hips  before I adopted him.  X-rays Wednesday revealed a bone chip in one hip, also that he had malformed carpas (wrists).  The vet was surprised he could walk at all.  In addition, when they went to clean his teeth, they discovered his enamel was just flaking off.  That means his teeth are very sensitive and uncomfortable.  I guess neither the hips or teeth are something new, but now I know about them and can worry about them.  My poor little man.  They gave me a referral to a dentistry/surgery specialist who he will see in early January.

 On top of that, when I got Rumpelmintz home she was falling over and her back legs didn’t work properly.  She was the last one to be gassed down, so perhaps it was just the anesthesia wearing off – but now it’s Friday and one back leg still isn’t right.  So, now I’m concerned she may have thrown a blood clot.  She’ll go back to the vet Saturday to be examined.

I don’t want to ask “what else can happen?” because I don’t want to find out.

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My friend Heather has inspired me to make some small steps toward being more eco-friendly. I started with some easy things. Rather than scooping the litter boxes and putting the “nasties” in an empty (used for cat food) plastic freezer bag, I’d use paper bags. Hopefully, even though they’re still going to landfills they’ll eventually disintegrate so future generations aren’t dealing with plastic bags full of cat poo. Also, rather than putting the homemade cat food in those plastic freezer bags, I’m using plastic tubs, which can be washed and reused. Baby steps.

The drawback to the tubs is the food takes much longer to warm than in the bags. I was tossing a bag of food in a bowl of warm water before meals, doing some other things, then pulling it out and serving. I’m doing the same with the tubs, but perhaps because they float so they’re not surrounded by warm water, they just don’t warm nearly as quickly. This morning, the food was still cold – still frozen in the center, but I had to get going (see Late-ness) so I just stirred it up and served it.

The cats were HORRIFIED. Louie didn’t eat. Afer ate only a little. Omaha barely nibbled. Rumpelmintz was yelling and complaining and hitting other cats for eating any of the cold breakfast, as they might convince me this was acceptable.

Studley and Latifah still ate well. Latifah ate her own and tried to finish everyone else’s. She said she didn’t mind.

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I planned an “early night” last night.  I was plenty tired, because of the time change, and thought it’d be a good opportunity to catch up on some sleep.  It was a disappointment. 

It took me a while to fall asleep – then I woke up around 2:00 because my legs hurt – so I rubbed menthol gel on them.  Then I woke up around 3:00 because Studley was playing “How loud can I make Jellybean scream” and Louie was cheering him on, so I made both boys leave the den and I shut the den door.  Then I woke up around 4:00 because Omaha and Rumpelmintz were fighting over who got to sleep on my right side.  Then I woke up around 5:00 because Latifah decided to come upstairs into the bedroom and was fighting with Omaha… so I let her go in the den with Jellybean.

I got up this morning to find Latifah had pooped on the bathroom floor, Omaha had pooped in his pants, and one of the cats had a hairball in the living room.  There was also a “shortbread cookie heist” in the den.  The cats had managed to get a tub of Trader Joe’s shortbread cookies off the top of the desk, get the lid off, and there were shortbread cookies with bites out of them all over the floor, desk, etc.  (When I questioned them about it, they said they did it to save me from the cookies.)  My suspicion on the shortbread cookie massacre is that either:

1) As part of the “Let’s see how loud we can make Jellybean scream” game, Jellybean climbed up to on top of the desk, and knocked the tub of cookies off the desk and the lid came off when they hit the floor – and the cats tested them to see if they were any good. (I didn’t notice them when I made the boys leave the room – but it was dark and I was half-asleep so I just removed larger furry objects, leaving smaller screaming furry objects in the room, and shut the door.)


2) Jellybean and Latifah were in cahoots and managed to get them off the desk and tasted while they were in there together.


3)  A combination of the above.

Latifah and Jellybean are the most likely suspects for the little kitty bite-sized missing bits from the cookies, as they are both carbohydrate addicts. Jellybean has been caught red-handed eating bites out of a blueberry waffle before…. and staff at the shelter used to laugh at how they could feed Latifah bites of bread.  Jellybean’s blood sugar was only 90 this morning (still no insulin since Dec. 31, 2006!), whereas Latifah’s blood sugar was 225 – further indicating Latifah in the crime.

I also discovered this morning that my favorite radio station, which was all music, all the time (no annoying talk), with a wide variety of music – had suddenly changed formats to all talk, all the time.  

To top off the morning, Studley sprayed pee on the back door, then Omaha pooped on the bedroom floor.  Glorious morning.  One bit of happiness – I started reading the “Crazy Aunt Purl” book, aka “Drunk, Divorced & Covered with Cat Hair”.  It is not a disappointment.  Though I don’t knit, I love Laurie Perry’s style of writing, and who can’t relate to her feelings of disappointment and frustration with life. The first chapter, where she has to resort to repairing her skirt at work with staples, is priceless.  If you haven’t already, you should check out her blog at crazyauntpurl.com, and buy her book!

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Barf art

Apparently, training for the Barf-Olympics is going on full force. As a human bean, I’m obviously not privvy to details such as when or where the actual event will take place – but I can certainly tell that Team Barf is in training and plan for a great showing at this year’s events.

Rumpelmintz (a.k.a. Rumpelbarfz) has some new tricks up her sleeve – apparently she plans on writing something in barf. Pretty amazing to behold, I must admit. This morning she put together this lovely piece. I think it says “#@&% you” but I’m not entirely sure.

barf art

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Rumpelmintz spent the day at the vet’s Tuesday. She got the “senior moments” package. (She’s 12 years old now, they consider any cat over 10 to be a “senior”.)

She did NOT cooperate. Dr. B. said they “used lots of thick towels”. When I came to pick her up, she was screaming and cursing at them from her cage, and they asked me to help put her in the carrier. (She knows better than to bite me – that means a “time out” for her, which she hates… however, biting others does not seem to have any repercussions…)

It reminded me of a vet visit long ago. It was a different clinic, and a different vet, and her first visit there. I warned them she could be um, difficult. They gave her a muscular nurse who looked like she may have become a veterinary assistant after a successful bout in the Olympics as a weight lifter. She grasped Rumpelmintz firmly. Rumpelmintz looked at her, with her best pathetic “I’m so misunderstood” face. I urged the assistant to be careful, Rumpelmintz will bite.

The vet began his exam, and Rumpelmintz continued to look forlorn and sad about it all. Things were going along nicely, and the vet became convinced she’d just “had a bad experience” before and would be fine. He turned to prepare her vaccination. The assistant continued to hold Rumpelmintz, when Rumpelmintz reached out one tentative paw, gently touched the assistant on her chest, and gave out her most pitiful “meow”.

The assistant said “Aww, she just wants a cuddle… ” and before I could stop her, released her death grip on Rumpelmintz to hold her more gently.

Rumpelmintz seized the opportunity. CHOMP!
AHHHH!!! the assistant screamed.
The vet begins yelling “Grab her, grab her!” CHOMP!!!
They’re able to jab her with the vaccine syringe and get her back in the carrier.

After that, they made sure there was a large red “WARNING!” stamp on her file.

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Rumpelmintz, aka Rumpelbarfz, aka Rumpelbeast, has been with me since she was a kitten, in 1995. She was born to a stray a friend took in. Rumpelmintz is extremely smart, unfortunately she never uses her genius for good.

Rumpelmintz spent the first 10 years of her life training for the Barf-Olympics. She scored many a point for “Team Barf”. I asked the vets about it again and again. There had to be something wrong with her. They’d look her over, do some bloodwork, and say she was fine. Meanwhile, she decorated the walls, the floors, and the furniture with her barf artwork. She’d climb to the tallest cat tree and spray the walls, floors, and furniture in one gush. My mother called her the “Exorcist Cat”.

I now know Rumpelmintz suffered from a gastro-intestinal disorder, known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Fixing the problem wasn’t that difficult, she simply needed a food change. No more dry kibble. She did well on a grain-free canned food, and fantastic on raw. Of course, getting her to *eat* it was another matter. She’d only ever eaten dry food, and getting her to understand canned or raw was edible was a long and difficult process. Once her food was changed, she also lost a bit of weight she needed to.

Rumpelmintz adores playing laser tag. She detests the other cats. Hates them. Wants them dead. She loves people to admire her and tell her how beautiful she is, and she’ll run up to them so they can do so. She prefers they not actually *touch* her. She also feels is necessary to supervise any repairs done in the house. Though, I once found she’d fallen asleep on the job.

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