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Yarny games

Spoiler Alert!  Rob, Renee, Brett, and Kirsten – if you don’t want your baby blanket surprises ruined, do not read on!

It’s time for those famous summer international games!  In London!  Personally, I did not watch any of the coverage, due to my annoyance with the U.S. Committee.  I mean, protecting your copyright, I understand that – but there’s no need to be downright RUDE!  (Plus, really, we have to cease and desist from using adorable images of Ravelry’s mascot “Bob” in a hand-knit hat?  That’s sad.) (Information on the controversy here and here and lots of other places.) Anyway, while the Ravelry games (our play-along with yarn) had to be renamed to the “Ravellenics” to avoid lawsuit (since we’re such a horrible threat to the U.S.O.C’s money-making ventures), we still HAD the games and I participated for the first time.


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