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I’ve been neglecting my blog.  However, I have recently cleared my schedule of more trivial activities like Fitocracy (a social media site for fitness tracking, etc), yarn swapping, working out, etc, so I hope to have more time for writing.  Perhaps I’ll even start a new category for “random thoughts of the Lintee Bean”.  We’ll see.

There have been a lot of advances in television viewing in recent years, at least for me.  Rather than plopping in front of the TV and watching whatever happens to be on, no matter how lame, now I can choose from shows recorded on my digital video recorder, shows on NetFlix, Hulu, iTunes, etc.  Now, I don’t really “watch” because along with television advances have come Internet advances and other life changes, and I’m usually watching TV while also on the Internet and/or writing and/or playing with yarn.


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