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I had an appointment with my chiropractor today. When Dr. Jen asked me how I was doing today, I told her that I’d hurt myself. I explained about how, sadly, it was NOT when I was lifting heavy stuff or doing push-ups or whatnot. I was simply doing some stretching (I can’t remember the specifics –  whether I was in yoga class or warming up before a workout or stretching after lifting or what).  Suddenly, the muscle in my upper right back, over my shoulder blade, went “NOOOO!!!!” and hurt. I told her that now that muscle hurt whenever I tried to do push-ups or other horizontal motions – or carried heavy things – or shoveled snow. So I’d stopped doing push-ups over a week ago. I was now behind in my 20,013 push-ups in 2013 challenge and frustrated and hoped she and/or the massage therapist could tell me when I’d be healed so I could get back to it.


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