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Hockey vs well, everything else

I went to a Chicago Wolves game with my friend Amy this weekend.  The Chicago Wolves are the local AHL (American Hockey League) team.  The AHL isn’t as well-known as the NHL (National Hockey League), which includes teams like the Chicago Blackhawks.  However, it’s still a lot of fun to go to a game – it is hockey, after all!

I don’t consider myself much of a sports buff.  I certainly can’t play sports, due to my absolute lack of any athletic ability.  I do love to watch hockey!  I was excited to find fellow “crazy cat lady” Amy, who I knew through volunteering at a local cat shelter, was a hockey fan as well.

Hockey is the absolute best sport ever.  I don’t see how there can be any debate about it.  I can tolerate watching football – but there’s no sport that I enjoy watching as much as ice hockey.


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Bar none

My boyfriend is a Green Bay Packers fan.  He was raised and went to college in Wisconsin, and he’s stayed loyal to his “home” football team.  My dad is a bit of a Packers fan as well.  He grew up in Nebraska (with no professional football team) and when he lived in Wisconsin becoming a Packers fan was natural, I guess.

Living in Chicago, it may seem I would be a fan of the Chicago Bears.  I was when I first moved here, but for various reasons I had a “falling out” with the Bears and was a free agent when my boyfriend and I started dating.  So, influenced by my dad and boyfriend, I’ve become a Packers fan as well.


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