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I’ve decided I better write this while I can.  If it’s possible to die from whining, I may do so.  My ex-boyfriend says if anyone can die from whining, I can.  It’s rather comforting he has faith in me.

It all started innocently enough, if that’s how it started.  Despite the number of hours I’ve spent watching educational shows like “House”, “The Walking Dead”, etc., I’m not a medical professional.  However, assuming it may be related, it started with what I thought was “dry, itchy skin” maybe six months ago.  My forehead and ears were itchy, dry, and flaky. I chalked it up to my visits to the gym and the perspiration I put out there, and switched to a softer cloth for sweat-dabbing.

Things didn’t improve, they got worse.  I decided maybe it was my new facial cleanser, and went back to my old one.  I added a thicker moisturizing cream at night.

I continued to blissfully ignore any signs of something more insidious, until a couple of weeks ago. This was when that “dry flaky skin” became more obviously HIVES.  Raised nasty bumps near my eyes and on my hands.  Given my vast medical knowledge garnered from movies like “Contagion” and “Outbreak”, I knew this was NOT RIGHT.  I made an appointment with my doctor.

Hives by my eyes

Hives by my eyes


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