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When I met Dixie, I thought she loved everyone and everything.  She seemed very easy going.  She was one of the VERY few dogs at the shelter that wasn’t barking.  (I don’t blame them, it’s a stressful environment no matter how wonderful the facilities and volunteers are.  One dog barks, others join in.)  She didn’t react to any of the people, dogs, or other things we encountered on our walks from the shelter around that neighborhood.  In fact, the first time I met her was when a volunteer carried her out and put her into my arms.  I saw Dixie make a couple half-hearted “woofs” one time when all the other dogs were barking and I was part of a “walk through” of the shelter.  The day I adopted her, she did bark at a woman entering the shelter as we were “checking out”.  All in all, though, she seemed pretty relaxed.


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