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‘Roid rage

Back in March, I mentioned I had started a second duel with midnightyell – the 6’5″ much-younger-than-me man from Texas.  This one was a “free-for-all”, the most Fitocracy points wins – every activity counts.  At that time, I held a somewhat comfortable lead of 9,223 to 7,743.  Things were going well, and I admit I was a tad smug knowing how many points I could rack up using barbell complexes.  Things appeared to be going my way this time around, unlike the push-up duel fiasco.

Then something very bad happened.  Well, bad for me.  Great for midnightyell.  Midnightyell apparently discovered strongman exercises like tire flipping and sled pushing.  These things are worth a LOT of points.  Also, I cannot do these things as I am little and not very strong.  I was in trouble.


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