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Hear No Evil

I’ve been struggling with this stupid chronic nausea for two years now.  I don’t remember exactly when it started – but I do remember having it when a friend visited in October 2010. It’s been a very long (and boring) saga.  I saw my general practitioner.  He ran bloodwork, saw nothing amiss, and said “maybe it will go away”.  I went back several months later and he referred me to a gastroenterologist (GI specialist).  He ran tests. He thought I had a tumor on my appendix, and referred me to an oncology surgeon.  (I had surgery in October 2011. It wasn’t a tumor, it was just some stupid fibroid mass.) The GI specialist wanted to put me on steroids. I refused.  I saw a gynecologist. I saw another GI specialist.  More tests. No answers.  I got a new general practitioner.


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