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Hi Blog,

I know I told you I had stories to share, but instead I feel compelled to tell you about my day at work.  Not that it was a particularly eventful day.  Like many, perhaps most, days, my “glamorous” job super analytical job mostly involved Sesame Street type games of “one of these things is not like the other”.

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!  This blog post is interrupted by hail and brimstone falling from the sky!!!!!  Duck and cover!!!!

Okay, things seem to have gone back to semi-normal.  Whew!

So, anyway – doing my usual “which of these policies is not like the 2.5 million others” fun and games today.  I did go to Starbucks – but I resisted buying a scone or other delicious pastry.  Yes, I’m rather proud of myself for that.  I ordered a sugar-free vanilla iced coffee with nonfat milk and somehow got an iced caramel macchiato instead – but I feel those calories shouldn’t count against me, as I didn’t ORDER them, after all.  They should be free.  (Wow, and I was able to get the spelling of macchiato correct, it seems – on the first try! Go me!)


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