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A new reign

Chicago held its February election, and we have a new mayor-elect.  The race wasn’t close enough to force a run-off election between the two top candidates, so the mayoral voting is complete.  Former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel ran away with it, and got over 50% of the votes. It somehow seems fitting that “King Daley”, as I call our mayor for the past 21 years, will be stepping down and his successor’s name reminds me of Christmas and stories of newborn kings.

Personally, I think Rahm had the best hair of all the candidates, by far.  He has lovely thick silver hair. I also like that his name is relatively easy to say and spell. It’s fun to call him Rahmbo, as some do, as he’s infamous for “taking no prisoners” in pursuit of his goals.  It’s amusing to picture him, like Sylvester Stallone, in headband and armless shirt, running around the jungle (in our case, an urban jungle), knocking off “bad guys”. Rahm was the U.S. House representative for my district prior to becoming Chief of Staff, so I was familiar with him before he became more of a national figure. I like Rahm’s sense of humor.  When President Obama thanked Rahm for his service as Chief of Staff, Emanuel replied that he was sure he’d taught the President a lot – including several new four-letter words and combinations thereof.


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Finished some more projects!

The first – I was given three huge cones of yarn from my favorite yarn store as “homework”.  I’d tried a few things (including a coat that I decided I didn’t have the patience for, and a shawl) and finally opted to use one strand of each cone (two cones were the same brown/black/bold color, one was a cream – all three with nubs of other colors).  I made a shawl/wrap:


Nubby mossy fern wrap - pattern "Moss Fern Wrap" from Interweave Crochet


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Chicago had a huge blizzard last week.  We got over 20″ of snow.  Honestly, I was hoping for three more inches.  Many of my fellow Chicago residents are aghast that I’d say such a thing – but really, once we have 20″, what’s three more?  Is it going to be that much more work for anyone?  If we’re going to be miserable and buried in snow, I want to break the record.  Instead, we had the third largest snowfall in Chicago history.


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Chain of fools

Most of my crocheting lately has been crocheting – then be unhappy with the result and frogging (ripping out… rip it, rip it, rip it).  However, I have finished some projects… and not finished others.

I had several requests for more adult/gag lip balm packagesSigh.

For a friend-of-a-friend’s birthday, I made him the “perfect woman“.

I made this dark brown and black beret for sale – but if it doesn’t sell soon, I’m keeping it for myself!  I had trouble getting a decent photo – the “band” is a cool black and brown pattern.  Click on the image or here to see the sale listing.


Milk and dark chocolate beret


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