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My friend Merril invited me to the “One of a Kind Show and Sale” at the Merchandise Mart. If you’re unfamiliar with the “Mart”, it’s a mammoth building in Chicago, encompassing an entire city block.  It houses 130 fancy-pants home furnishing showrooms and 2,000 product lines.  I’ve browsed bits of the Mart.  My roommate’s sister works in one of the fancy-pants showrooms.  I’ve seen gorgeous ceramic tiles I can only dream of owning – and maybe owning ONE tile priced at hundreds of dollars per tile, not a bathroom or kitchen full of it.

I thought it’d be fun to go to the “One of a Kind” show with Merril.  It featured handmade items from local artists.  Merril thought it would give me ideas for my recent venture into selling crocheted items.  I just thought it would be interesting to see the artists’ gorgeous work.


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