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Money crunch

My dad says it doesn’t matter how much money you make, you always need another $20. I don’t know if that applies to everyone. Do Warren Buffett or Bill Gates need another $20? I know I do, though it’s more like another $200 or $2,000 that I’m always short.

Several months back, I’d paid off the last of some bills. I was looking forward to actually SAVING some money. I started setting aside some money every month, and was eagerly anticipating some long-term purchases, a car and a kitchen remodel.

Well, that changed in a hurry. First, I had some much-needed electrical work done on the house. I had to upgrade the electrical panel and bring all the electrical up to code. Not only did this consume what I’d managed to set aside, but I had to borrow. So, I was back to paying off old bills instead of saving for future purchases.


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I’ve had a few crochet projects I’ve been working on F_O_R_E_V_E_R.  I’m making a huge blanket, a motif scarf out of the scraps of yarn from my poor demised rose wrap shell, a coat (yes, I’m attempting to make the same coat yet again, despite my earlier failures), and a delicate sweater using a very lightweight yarn and a very tiny hook.

So, it’s not that I haven’t been crocheting that I haven’t posted anything on my blog in some time – it’s just that I haven’t FINISHED anything!  Fortunately, I did take a few breaks to crank out some “instant gratification” projects.  (Fun, fast, easy crochets.)


Mossy Road Shrug (pattern "Rocky Road Shrug" by Doris Chan)

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Dream team

Many people participate in “fantasy sports”.  I’ve overheard coworkers discussing their fantasy teams, or caught them on the Internet making last-minute trades, cuts, or lineup changes. They pick their dream team and win or lose “games” with other players based on how well their players do in “real life”.


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