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Suicide mission

I recently finished another crochet project, シルクの半袖セーター, or 29-210-12 Silk Short-sleeve Sweater, by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd).  I’ve never attempted a pattern written in Japanese.  They say you don’t need to speak or read Japanese to attempt it, the patterns are mostly charted with standard crochet symbols.  However, I’ve never even attempted a charted pattern.  However, I figured this was a great chance to try given I’d have the help of a “crochet along” (CAL) group on Ravelry.

My “Japanese short-sleeve sweater” was not going to be silk but a lovely purple synthetic.  I referred to books on charted crochet.  I researched standard crochet symbols and Japanese words such as “sleeve”, “front”, “back”, “rows”, “stitches”, etc. I was determined and optimistic. I devoted an entire weekend to my yarn and my hook.  The upper bodice stitch pattern is a difficult one involving a “puff” stitch. After several days of nearly non-stop crocheting, I had the upper bodice complete! I seamed the sides and shoulders, wove in the ends of my yarn, and admired my work.  I then went to put it on and realized… it won’t fit over my head!  The neckhole is simply too small for my head to fit through!  Normally I could rectify this by pulling out a few rows of crochet, except in this case I had done such a great job of weaving in ends, I could not get them out.  Try as I might, I could not get my seams unseamed.  Argh!

Japanese short-sleeve sweater, attempt #1

Japanese short-sleeve sweater, attempt #1


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