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I figured it’s about time to give an update on the dating situation. Honestly, I didn’t even THINK about Valentine’s Day when I decided that. I’m not much of a romantic, if I’m any sort of romantic at all. In spite of that, the dating situation is going pretty well, I think.

My boyfriend is pretty awesome. Now I’ve been on my own for a LONG time, and it’s been an adjustment to be in a relationship. It’s not an adjustment I’ve made easily – not one I’ve finished making at all. In many ways, we’re different species.  I’m a vegetarian and he’s a carnivore. He’s nocturnal, I start fading around 9 p.m. I admit, I get annoyed when

  • he lives the toilet seat up or a closet door open, or
  • he’s running late, or
  • he buys a new TV and decides to keep BOTH the new TV and old TV in the same room so we can watch two TVs at the same time, or
  • he doesn’t read my mind and take the trash out for me, or
  • I’m waiting outside a store for him to pull the car around, only to discover he’s gone back inside and is chatting with an ex-coworker.


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