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My niece got married the other weekend. She’s a very sweet girl, and included me in lots of the festivities – the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, even the bride’s and bridesmaids’ trip to get their hair and makeup done.

We went to get our hair done first. Most of the girls were getting their in updo’s for the wedding. My hair is fairly short, and straight as a stick, so unfortunately it didn’t seem that would be an option for me. When my turn came, the nice stylist asked me what I’d like done. I told her that I doubted she could do much with my short straight hair, but if she could give it some volume, that would be nice. She smiled and said, “Oh, if you want curls, you should have curls!” She then took a curling iron (and the time) to painstakingly make lots of little curls, spraying each one in place. She pinned them up on the sides, and I was thrilled with the results!

We went to a department store to get our makeup done next. Again, when my turn came I got a very nice makeup artist. She applied a foundation to even out my skin tone, then she paused.

“Hmm… your cheeks are rather red” she noted.


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