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Nip tuck

My doctor referred me to a new dermatologist a few months ago. I’ve been to dermatologists before, but not like this one! He’s near Michigan Avenue (home of the “magnificent mile”, shopping, tourists – land of the rich and beautiful). His posh offices are filled with pictures of him, pictures painted BY him, and brochures on liposuction, lip plumping, and other beautifying procedures.

So, I went to his office last week to have a couple small growths on my face removed and biopsied. The music in his office is the cheesiest music ever! When I walked in it was playing the theme from “The Love Boat”

“The LOVE boat! Exciting and new! Come aboard, we’re expecting you!!!!”

Then they played “La Freak”, the theme song from Maude, “Thank you for being a friend”…. the music certainly brings back memories!


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