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I’ve generally used a U-40 insulin (PZI-Vet) with U-100 syringes.  The advantages being that U-100 syringes are more widely available, and by using U-100 syringes with U-40 insulin I was able to make smaller dose adjustments.  (Before Meow Meow went off insulin, she was getting 0.2 units (two-tenths of a unit) of insulin!  NOT TWO UNITS – two-tenths of a unit!  No way I could measure that amount using a standard match of syringe to insulin.

Many find converting insulin to a different syringe confusing – and if, for that reason, you want to match – GREAT!  I recommend ALWAYS checking to make sure you KNOW which syringe and which insulin you’re using.  I’ve seen disasterous results when people don’t, and aren’t working with what they think they are.  Some insulins come in different strengths (like compounded PZI) and syringes obviously come in various markings – and there have even been cases where syringes were in the wrong box!  ALSO – make sure you understand whether your syringe is marked only for whole units, or also half units!  I’ve seen people advise others to count “lines” – well, whether you have lines only for whole units or whole and half units can DOUBLE YOUR DOSE!


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