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It’s over three months in, and I’m still loving the NutriSystem plan! I can’t believe it, really. I’ve tried SO many diets – there are few I would make it three months on, and definitely I’d be screaming to quit by now on the others! But how can I complain when I’m eating food that tastes better and makes me FEEL better than ever before?

I wore my hot-cat-mama-skinny-pants yesterday. I went to Dress Barn several weeks ago and tried on a few dresses – I NEVER wear dresses or skirts, but it’d be nice if I had a dress for my niece’s wedding in July. I landed up buying TWO dresses – in size TWELVE! Then I got a case of buyer’s remorse. So many of my clothes are now loose and baggy – what if the dresses didn’t fit in July? I decided to take them back and try them on in the next size down – except they didn’t HAVE the next size down anymore… so I tried on the size eight – and they FIT! They’re a tad snug, in my opinion, but they definitely fit!


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