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Bok choy

Saturday was “errand day”. I took Rumpelmintz to the vet, made cat food, and got my hair cut (and highlighted – woo hoo!). Then I went to Kmart, dropped off some donated medications at the cat shelter, and stopped at Trader Joe’s to get groceries before going to Pet Supplies Plus to buy litter. Hectic day.

I love Trader Joe’s, but Trader Joe’s on a Saturday afternoon is NOT my favorite. Packed with people. Couldn’t enter some aisles. Carts lined up for the checkouts into the aisles themselves, making it nearly impossible to get anywhere. I persevered. I always start on the aisle furthest from produce, ending in the produce section. I’m still attempting to eat healthy, but the produce section is a challenge yet. There are the old stand-by’s of course, carrots, apples, etc. I’m trying to expand my horizons, though. So, I challenged myself to get a couple new things. This time, I opted for baby bok choy and minneolas. The minneolas resembled small oranges or tangerines, so I figured I could just peel them and eat them. Shouldn’t be hard.

There was a staff member nearby, so I asked her if she knew how to prepare the bok choy.
She had no idea. Well, I figured surely I could stir fry it or something?


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