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I’ve been disheartened by just how out-of-shape I am. I started exercising Sunday, and I chose my “easiest” exercise video. I used to dislike that one because it was “too easy”. It kicks my butt now. I did it on Sunday and Monday and thought I’d die.  

It doesn’t help that dear Rumpelmintz HATES for me to exercise.  I don’t know why, but she HATES it.  Perhaps it’s just because I’m not paying attention to her.  Sunday I started the video, and about half way through, Rumpelmintz bit the back of my head during floor exercises.  Ow!  I had to hold her for the rest of the video.  Monday night, she started to attack me – Kitty.com jumped to my defense, and they proceeded to fight on top of my head.  They stopped – then Rumpelmintz came up to bite my head – I fended her off, but got my arm bit.  She may need to go in “time out” when I exercise.

Exercising annoys me, as does most everything else.

Exercising annoys me, as does most everything else.


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