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I’ve been talking about going to a tailor or seamstress for FOREVER. Well, okay, not forever, but for many months. I can NEVER find clothes that fit, especially at my current weight – as I’ve mentioned in my posts about shopping at Macy’s. I know my weight affects my feeling of well-being and self-confidence, and I know, perhaps even more than the pounds is the fact I feel so dowdy and dumpy in my clothes.

So, for a while I’ve been looking for someone to do alterations. I’ve checked out dry cleaners in the area. I had finally found one I thought would work – and happened to mention it to a coworker. She said I MUST use a woman she knows, Julia Needlman. She said Julia was FANTASTIC and had made a mutual friend’s professional performance costume, etc. So, I jumped at the referral, as I’d much rather use someone with a good recommendation.


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