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Yes, I went back – only a year and a half later, I was back!

Same goal – I wanted a business suit.  Obviously, I didn’t learn my lesson last time.  I still have the two suits I purchased then – hanging in my closet, tags still dangling.  They were snug when I bought them, and I’m afraid if I actually needed to wear them, I’d sit down and they’d explode at the seams, spilling fat and cellulite everywhere.

Knowing after-Christmas sales were in full force, I decided to venture to Macy’s once again. I passed through the doors to discover I’d entered the cosmetics department – the overpowering aroma of every cologne and perfume imaginable hit me like a fog.  I tried to breathe shallowly as I made my way to the escalators and the store directory.  Finding the directory, I learned women’s apparel was on floors 3, 4, and 5.  Couldn’t they narrow that down a bit?  Do I really have to search three floors, each the size of a city block, in order to find the area I seek?


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