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So, your cat is diabetic and you’re wondering which insulin you should be using to get those nasty blood sugar levels down (hopefully permanently so your cat can be managed on diet alone!)

My personal preference is PZI (protamine zinc insulin).  It’s duration is a little over 12 hours, which works well for a twice-daily dosing schedule.  (We WANT some overlap between doses, so we’re not dealing with very high blood sugar levels caused by no insulin being in effect.)   Once my supply of PZI-Vet by Idexx is exhausted, I’ll use a compounded PZI by BCP or Veterinary Pharmacies of America (VPA).  I’ve used BCP-PZI before with success – I noticed no difference between it and the PZI-Vet (except the lower cost).  As I’ve noted in the past, PZI-Vet by Idexx has been discontinued but that does NOT mean PZI is not available!  Compounded PZI is still available for use.

Louie says PZI works for me!

Louie says "PZI works for me!"


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