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This post has actually been a work-in-progress for some time, but a phone call today pushed me to try and finish it. That phone call took place with the internal medicine specialist treating Studley. The specialist has diagnosed Studley with pancreatitis and IBD, based on an ultrasound performed Tuesday. Today he got back the results of Studley’s GI lab, and expressed some confusion that while he KNOWS Studley has IBD (based on the ultrasound results), his GI lab results (cobalamin and folate) were normal.

I do NOT generally openly disagree with most vets (to their face). I’ll express my opinions to my regular vet, who acts very open to my ideas and thoughts – but I’ve learned not to waste my time and breath on many vets who really don’t care what I think about anything. They just want me to do what I’m told. However, today for whatever reason I felt the need to tell this specialist my suspicions on why Studley’s results were normal. I told him I had worked with many cats with IBD, adopted and fostered, and I fed all my cats an “IBD friendly” diet. This diet had eliminated symptoms and normalized GI lab results for the other cats I’d worked with – and my thinking was, if Studley was fed this “IBD diet”, and it’s treated these other cats with IBD, it made sense to me that it’d also treated Studley, without my knowing he even had IBD.


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Cash is king

I entered a contest… and if I get the most “high votes” for the week, I win MONEY.  (I like money.)  If you think my post is funny… or just like it… or just feel sorry for me… please give it a “5 star” rating before Wednesday, Dec. 17.




Keep in mind I am a pathetic crazy cat lady – who just incurred thousands of dollars in vet bills for Studley (who is coming home tonight – yippee!)


Edited to add (12/17/08) – I didn’t win.  Bummer.  They changed the contest to allow ten winners, of $1,000 each and it seems I lost by less than ten votes.  Beat out by a bean soup recipe and a “squirrel fishing” post, among others.

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