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Not-so-great flood of 2008

Did I never write about the 100-year-flood of 2008?  I don’t think I did!  I wrote about the first 100-year-flood in 2007…. and the second 100-year-flood in 2007… but I don’t see where I ever noted the 100-year-flood in 2008!  It occurred September 13, and that was just a REALLY rough time in general.

I guess I never mentioned it because it was rather unremarkable.  Most everything I stored in the basement had already been destroyed by the two floods in 2007.  My freezers (yes, plural, I have four of them, all full of raw pet food components) all survived the flood of 2008, as did my furnace and water heater and clothesdryer and cruddy washing machine.  The only drama was rescuing the cat I was fostering at the time, Dreamsicle, and putting him up in the guest bedroom for the remainder of his stay.  Then, of course, there was the clean up, which is always a very fun job.

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