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Since I’ve been talking about Studley a lot recently, and the struggles (and now successes) with medicating him, I thought I’d write a bit about more about his history.

Studley was a feral cat in my friend’s neighborhood.  A feral cat differs from a stray cat.  A stray cat may or may not be socialized, but typically when someone refers to a “stray” they are referring to a socialized cat that is homeless and living outside.  A feral cat is not socialized to humans, it’s “wild”. 

Anyway, Studley lived in my friend’s neighborhood and would frequently enter the courtyard of her building and “service” the female cats.  Sex between cats is a very LOUD occurrence – lots of screaming involved (and not the good kind).  So, neighbors quickly became annoyed and figured they’d trap Studley and take him to an area shelter.  The shelters in that particular city are not “no-kill” – there are two of them, and one euthanizes if cats are unclaimed (and unadopted) after about a week, the other after three days.  So, my friend knew an unsocialized feral cat didn’t stand much of a chance there, and since the neighbors were on the “look-out” for him, neutering him and releasing him – though it would likely have solved the noise problem, didn’t seem a viable option to her.  So, she decided to trap him and get him to me, and I’d find a “no-kill” shelter to take him.  (I have to confess, this was in 2002 and I didn’t realize how remote my chances were of finding a “no-kill” shelter in my area that would take a feral cat.)


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