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Mean green cleaning bean

I hired a new cleaning lady last week. She’s FANTASTIC. I told my mother she would love her. New cleaning lady doesn’t believe in mops – floors should be cleaned on your hands and knees, so you get all the corners. Dusting requires rags and cleanser, not just brushing with a duster. Blinds should be cleaned slat by slat. The first visit, she cleaned the upstairs windows – inside AND outside.

Sure, I should save the money – but honestly, I find cleaning the entire house and all the special projects, my full-time job, caring for cats, my side business, and serving as President of Feline Outreach all overwhelming at times – and I think I deserve this for myself. I had a cleaning lady back in my pre-crazy cat lady days and it was immensely helpful, and I’ve decided I need one again.

So, today is visit number two and after introductory hello’s (to me AND the cats) she got to work. She started on the second floor. While she was upstairs, I balanced my checkbook. Then, I tackled cleaning the cat’s water fountain, which had some nasty hard water build-up that needed to be soaked and chiseled off with a knife.

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Kidney disease

Feline kidney disease, a.k.a. chronic renal failure (CRF), a.k.a. chronic renal insufficiency… a bit of a daunting topic for me to tackle in a quick lunchtime blog post, I’ll admit. However, I get asked about kidney disease a LOT, so I’m going to give it a stab.


First, I’ll say upfront I am CONVINCED that dry food leads to the preponderance of kidney disease )(and urinary tract disorders and other ailments) we see today.  I could kick myself when I think of the idiocy of treating my first older cat with CRF with sub-q fluids, all the while feeding her a DRY (kibble) diet.  Moisture is imperative for good kidney and urinary tract health.  While cats fed only dry food drink more water, they do not drink ENOUGH additional water.  Studies showed the dry fed cats’ urine was less dilute (contained less water).

Once kidney (renal) function is lost, generally it cannot be regained.  So, when I get a call, email, or post asking about a cat with renal insufficiency and whether the cat can be helped, I’m honest.  The progress of the failure can be slowed, maybe (optimistically) stopped, but what is lost is GONE and will not return.

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Imagine the future of food.

People shop for groceries at large outlets, filled with aisles of canned and boxed and bagged meals. Each meal shows a nutritional analysis, and most are certified “nutritionally complete” by a government agency.  Long gone are the frozen and fresh food sections. Oh, they exist in a few pricey boutiques, but for the most part, our meals come from bags, boxes, and cans – dumped into a bowl. Some of the meals are more tasty than others, most are pretty much the same. The labels show pretty pictures of images from the past – turkey dinners with the trimmings; chicken, vegetable, and rice casseroles; even leg of lamb with mint jelly. The contents of the packages bear some vague resemblance to these dinners of the past.  Among the vast assortment of nutritionally-balanced meals are various “treats” of processed cookies, cakes, chips, and crackers.

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I miss

I miss waking up each morning and looking over to see Monet sitting on my chest near the window.

I miss Lovey throwing her front legs around my neck so we could “dance” together.

I miss Molly’s little face peeking up over the kitchen counter.

I miss Elsinore licking the white vase.

I miss Meow Meow gumming my arm when she got over-excited.

I miss watching Latifah eat her food enthusiastically, bopping other cats on the head to get theirs.

I miss giving Afer sub-q fluids while she purred and rolled over so I could rub her belly.

I miss coming home each night to see Omaha waiting for me, holding him and listening to his deep belly purr.

I miss them.  Loved and Lost.

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My traffic court case is done and I’m very relieved!

Those of you that had planned to come and watch the excitement – there really wasn’t any.  There was more drama at the cashier than in the courtroom.

I was a nervous wreck, of course.  The officer that had pulled me over and given me the ticket was there, so no dismissal. (Bummer.) 

When I was called to the bench,  I managed to mumble a “guilty” and that I had no moving violations on my record (to which the prosecutor agreed).  I’d MEANT to make sure and mention that I’ve been driving over 20 YEARS and had no moving violations, and that I was distraught the night of the ticket as I was driving my seizing cat to the emergency vet… but all that went unsaid.

Anyway, I got supervision – so it shouldn’t impact my record or my insurance rates.  I paid up, got my license back, and was free to go.  (Sounds easier than it was – major drama at the cashier with a woman screaming about not being released from the station until she paid bond, the police taking said bond out of her wallet, and the police releasing her handbag to some friend of a friend of a friend who has taken off with it.)

Anyway, I guess it went about as well as could be expected, and though I’m out $145 I’m only slightly traumatized and my driving record hopefully remains unscathed.

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