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Mean green cleaning bean

I hired a new cleaning lady last week. She’s FANTASTIC. I told my mother she would love her. New cleaning lady doesn’t believe in mops – floors should be cleaned on your hands and knees, so you get all the corners. Dusting requires rags and cleanser, not just brushing with a duster. Blinds should be cleaned slat by slat. The first visit, she cleaned the upstairs windows – inside AND outside.

Sure, I should save the money – but honestly, I find cleaning the entire house and all the special projects, my full-time job, caring for cats, my side business, and serving as President of Feline Outreach all overwhelming at times – and I think I deserve this for myself. I had a cleaning lady back in my pre-crazy cat lady days and it was immensely helpful, and I’ve decided I need one again.

So, today is visit number two and after introductory hello’s (to me AND the cats) she got to work. She started on the second floor. While she was upstairs, I balanced my checkbook. Then, I tackled cleaning the cat’s water fountain, which had some nasty hard water build-up that needed to be soaked and chiseled off with a knife.

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