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Kidney disease

Feline kidney disease, a.k.a. chronic renal failure (CRF), a.k.a. chronic renal insufficiency… a bit of a daunting topic for me to tackle in a quick lunchtime blog post, I’ll admit. However, I get asked about kidney disease a LOT, so I’m going to give it a stab.


First, I’ll say upfront I am CONVINCED that dry food leads to the preponderance of kidney disease )(and urinary tract disorders and other ailments) we see today.  I could kick myself when I think of the idiocy of treating my first older cat with CRF with sub-q fluids, all the while feeding her a DRY (kibble) diet.  Moisture is imperative for good kidney and urinary tract health.  While cats fed only dry food drink more water, they do not drink ENOUGH additional water.  Studies showed the dry fed cats’ urine was less dilute (contained less water).

Once kidney (renal) function is lost, generally it cannot be regained.  So, when I get a call, email, or post asking about a cat with renal insufficiency and whether the cat can be helped, I’m honest.  The progress of the failure can be slowed, maybe (optimistically) stopped, but what is lost is GONE and will not return.

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