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My traffic court case is done and I’m very relieved!

Those of you that had planned to come and watch the excitement – there really wasn’t any.  There was more drama at the cashier than in the courtroom.

I was a nervous wreck, of course.  The officer that had pulled me over and given me the ticket was there, so no dismissal. (Bummer.) 

When I was called to the bench,  I managed to mumble a “guilty” and that I had no moving violations on my record (to which the prosecutor agreed).  I’d MEANT to make sure and mention that I’ve been driving over 20 YEARS and had no moving violations, and that I was distraught the night of the ticket as I was driving my seizing cat to the emergency vet… but all that went unsaid.

Anyway, I got supervision – so it shouldn’t impact my record or my insurance rates.  I paid up, got my license back, and was free to go.  (Sounds easier than it was – major drama at the cashier with a woman screaming about not being released from the station until she paid bond, the police taking said bond out of her wallet, and the police releasing her handbag to some friend of a friend of a friend who has taken off with it.)

Anyway, I guess it went about as well as could be expected, and though I’m out $145 I’m only slightly traumatized and my driving record hopefully remains unscathed.

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