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Court Date

I got a postcard in the mail with my court date on it.  Yes I’m going to court.

The violation occurred October 14.  I got home from work, and saw Omaha was in dire shape.  I put him in a carrier and rushed to the car and started driving to the nearest emergency animal hospital.  I could maybe have made it to my regular veterinarian clinic, but I wasn’t sure I’d get there before they closed and obviously he needed care and I hated to make my vet stay after hours AGAIN for me.

So, I’m driving to the emergency vet, and I’m crying and screaming and begging Omaha, the powers-that-be, anyone and everything to PLEASE not let me lose Omaha… not now, not so soon after Afer… and traffic is HORRIBLE and I’m getting NOWHERE and EVERY SINGLE TRAFFIC LIGHT, I kid you not, is RED.  Every single one.  Every one.   The trip to the emergency vet is taking FOREVER.

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