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Hanging on by a thread

No, not another self-pitying post about the loss of my cats.

It’s all about pants.  My pants.  My stupid pants.

If you’ve met me, you know I’m incredibly fashion-challenged.  Love Tim Gunn, but if he met me, I’m certain it could be the death of him.

Today I’m wearing a henley sweater and gray pinstripe trousers.  These pants are pretty darn new, by my standards, I bought them in August.  I’ve only worn them a few times. 

While walking to the train this morning, I noticed the hem on the left pant leg has FALLEN OUT.  Fabulous.  Now it’s dragging in the dirt, looking pretty darn sad.  Four little safety pins I use at work to “mend” the pant leg likely fools NO ONE. 

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