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I am in support of “mandatory” spay/neuter in Chicago.  While, primarily due to the great lack of animal control officers, I doubt there will be enough enforcement, it would be something… and if nothing else, those that violate other laws (such as dogfighting) but can’t be convicted of it for lack of evidence, could at a minimum be fined for violating the mandatory spay/neuter.  It would also HELP. You would not believe the number of shelter admissions I’ve seen who are DECLAWED but not SPAYED and obviously have mothered litters of kittens.  These are obviously NOT feral cats, and not cats for whom the owners couldn’t afford a low-cost spay given they could afford to the cat declawed.
The ordinance would exclude registered breeders – however there are NO breeders in Chicago registered with the USDA – yet I’ve seen numerous for sale at a local pet store (I will not shop at) and advertised at my vet’s office.

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