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Cable Woes

I hate my cable TV company. They are this horrible necessary evil in my life. I know they’re not really “necessary”, I could eliminate them but in order to actually watch any TV (to which I’m addicted) I’d have to either get some big antenna, some converter box, or satellite/dish, none of which seem particularly better options. Ironically, while I feel I’m “hooked” on TV and must record my favorite shows, while they are actually playing I’m also working on the computer and multi-tasking and if you asked me the plot of the show I just watched I’d be hard-pressed to tell you what really happened. How they caught the “bad guy” or why the “bad guy” did what he/she did.

Anyway, I bought a new TiVo last weekend. (I LOVE my TiVo. My old one is over six years old and I fear it will someday die and I will be TiVo-less, plus the new one has a dual tuner and was on clearance.) So, I see I can use “cable cards” – so I had to find out about getting these cable cards.

Of course, I couldn’t access my cable account for reasons unknown. So, I had to CALL them.

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