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I’ve been fostering cats for several rescue organizations/shelters since 2005.  It’s interesting the different responses you get when people find out you foster.  Some think it sounds like great fun, especially those people that love kittens and all their kitten-y antics.  Others think it’d be “too hard to let them go” and they’d “want to keep them all”.  Some just think you’re a crazy nutcase or too soft-hearted.

What do I think?  I think fostering is hard.  For me, it gets harder the longer I do it.  I started out fostering mother cats with litters of kittens.  They’re not really a lot of “work” – you feed them, and keep their litterboxes and rooms clean, and basically keep them from taking up needed space at the shelter.  I do find them rather exhausting.  I know the majority of potential adopters prefer kittens, but I certainly don’t.  Kittens eat a LOT – way more (at least per pound) than adults.  They are also into and on top of EVERYTHING.  They climb your legs, scratching the heck out of you.  They knock over and rip apart and destroy everything in their room – dragging bedding through dirty litter boxes and spilling water dishes into food bowl and (especially if fed dry food) having diarrhea all over the place.  Not fun – at least not my idea of fun.

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