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Why I Lie

Well, I avoid lying – but I often evade the truth.

People often ask how veterinarians respond when I tell them I feed my cats a homemade raw diet. Honestly, I don’t generally tell veterinarians that I feed a homemade raw diet. The vets at the general practice clinic where I take my cats know. I don’t really now how they all feel about it. I’m fortunate there was a holistic vet that practiced acupuncture that used to work in this clinic, and I know she fed raw. I generally ask for two particular vets at the clinic. They know, and they seem fine with it. They know I credit my cats’ health (and “recovery” from IBD and diabetes) to the diet. One of these two prefers that I’m feeding homemade than a commercial raw diet, he thinks it’s safer. There’s a third I’ve seen a few times and she’s voiced the typical concerns about bacteria like salmonella, warning me to wash their bowls each meal. I wonder if she warns caregivers feeding commercial dry food about salmonella? We know with certainty that dry food often contains pathogens like salmonella, do vets express the same concerns to their clients about the bags lining their own shelves? I tell caregivers, regardless of what they feed their pets, to handle food and bowls with care and wash their hands well after handling food, bowls, and scooping litter boxes.

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