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I hate to fly. Hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it.

I didn’t always. Years ago I flew all the time, voluntarily. Learned to pack light (carry-on only) and hop on a plane without much notice and fly off for business or pleasure. Built up a pretty decent pool of frequent flyer miles.

First, let me clarify – I am not *afraid* of flying. Hating and fearing are different things. I have no worries that the plane will suddenly drop out of the sky with me in it. I just hate being stuck on an airplane. I also hate sitting in an airport. I hate the entire process, from packing to getting to the airport to waiting at the airport to getting on an airplane and arriving at another airport and traveling from that airplane to get to my destination to doing the entire thing in reverse.

I can almost pinpoint the time when I started hating it. I think it was a (very long) flight to Hawaii. Stuck in a little seat for hours, needing to use the restroom but having to wait because the flight attendants had the aisle blocked with the food cart. That was many miserable hours, I have to say – and the return flight was no better.

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