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Pet Peeves

I have about 5,483 pet peeves, from what I can tell.  Stupid little things that annoy me.  Feel free to chime in, comments are open!

1)  People that driving to the left of me, that are turning left, whereas I am turning right – that keep pulling just a *bit* further ahead of me so I can see around them to see oncoming traffic.  Hello?  I am turning right – I will be able to turn before or at the same time you will!  Why do *you* need to be ahead of me, therefore making it impossible for me to see so I can turn? 

2)  People that exit revolving doors to their right, instead of their left, making it impossible for me to *enter* the revolving door coming from the opposite direction as them. 

3)  Likewise, people that try to enter revolving doors on their right, ergo they’re trying to get in the door before I’ve left it. 

4)  People that ride escalators or elevators and step off and stand still – blocking my exit from the same escalator/elevator. 

5)  People that walk three across, with their arms flailing madly to the sides, so I can’t get by them on the sidewalk. 

6)  People oblivious to other people either because they’re busy talking on their cell phone or just stupid – thus stepping right in front of me, or weaving around while walking so I can’t get by, or (my favorite) suddenly stopping/turning/reversing direction without looking, thus plowing into me. 

7)  People whose arms apparently don’t work so when you hold the door open for them (as you’re passing through) they don’t reach out to *take* the door from you, but force you to either close it upon them or stand there holding it while they walk with their non-functional arms. 

8)  Businesses that don’t shovel their sidewalks.  Residences I can understand, they might belong to someone who is elderly or disabled.. but businesses?  Shovel your walks!  Don’t force me to walk through snow and ice.

You can see a lot of my peeves are related to my commute to/from work.

Of course:

9)  “Miracles” as I posted recently

10)  People that insist they are right and I am wrong, and get very defensive about my “radical ideas” when I can provide studies and research to back up my position and they can provide oh… NOTHING.  (Perhaps explaining WHY they get so defensive.)

11)  Cats choosing to hop up into my lap without regard to the fact there is already a plate of food perched there, therefore either planting four little paws into my dinner, or spilling it all on the floor.

12)  Use of “fether” for “further, as in “It’s just a little fether down the road…”

13)  Misuse of “ideal” for “idea”, as in “I have an ideal, let’s go just a little fether down the road.”

 14)  Misuse of “pet” the noun for “pet” the verb – as in “Fluffy enjoys being pet” – no, Fluffy enjoys being PETTED, she enjoys PETTING, she even enjoys receiving PETS (the noun)

15) People that take the last donut at work and leave the empty box sitting out.  Throw the box away!  Do you think I want to be reminded I missed donuts, or that I’ll want to lick the empty box, savor the aroma of donuts gone?

I have about 5,468 more… but it’s time to face my evening commute.

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