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Oh my gosh, I have been BANNED from MySpace video! MySpace’s powers-that-be have REVOKED my video privileges!

Oh, the shame of it!

Honestly, I don’t know what happened. I went to upload a video and it said my privileges were revoked, and I should check my InBox for details – but there’s nothing in my InBox. The last video I had attempted (but failed) to upload was a little video of my cats, set to music. Perhaps the music violates the copyright rules?
The Chi Town Fur Gang movie

A few days before that, I had uploaded the several videos I posted about earlier, including the “Louie gives Studley a massage” video, which also had music – though not an entire song.

I’m at a loss… and I’m banned into the desolate darkness of no MySpace video privileges.

Speaking of… be my MySpace friend! or my LinkedIn friend! or my FaceBook friend! or my cats’ Catster friend!


FYI: It was the background music… violates copyright. Bummer! Sorry Colbie!

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