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Yes, after all my misadventures with MySpace and LinkedIn and Catster… I was convinced to join Facebook. “You have to join!” One friend said. “They have Catbook so each cat can have a page and be friends with my cats.” Great. So now my cats have pages on Catster and Facebook. I can also have few friends in three different online groups. A friend from YourDiabeticCat.com started a group on FaceBook for those of us on YourDiabeticCat.com (YDC), and I started a similar group on MySpace.

On FaceBook, I found something new. First, I discovered you can track down videos featuring your friends. I found a very embarrassing video of my brother setting something on fire on the stove. EXCELLENT! It was worthwhile to join FaceBook for that alone!

I also noticed you could “poke” people. No idea what that meant. I poked my brother. He poked me. I showed a coworker the embarrassing video of him, and noted I could poke my brother, and illustrated. He asked what poking meant – I had no idea. My mobile phone rang – it was my brother asking why I kept poking him! So, I guess if you poke someone repeatedly, they call you?

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More video madness

Yes, I’m back to making silly little videos!

First up, Omaha descending the stairs. I always feel bad for him, struggling to go down while the other cats zoom by effortlessly. Omaha has an old hip injury and arthritis, and it’s very difficult for him to walk, let alone do stairs. (In fact, he’s no longer allowed to do the stairs himself as he fell a few times after this video was made.)
Omaha takes the stairs

Next, Afer “singing”. She’s quite the little opera singer.
Afer singing

Finally, Louie giving Studley a massage. We added “mood music”.
Louie gives Studley a massage (and bath)

I also recorded my friend Heather giving her cat, Rocky, his inhaled medications. Rocky has feline asthma. This is one of what I hope will be a series of educational videos for Feline Outreach at some point.
Rocky gets his inhaled meds

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