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Blood Clot! Or not.

Rumpelmintz got a dental Wednesday. As I noted, something seemed very wrong when I got her home. Her rear left leg wasn’t working, she was falling over. I called my friend (former veterinary assistant, and cool under pressure) screaming “OMG! Rumpelmintz’s leg is broken!” She asked a few questions, and quickly ascertained it was NOT broken. It was probably just the anesthesia wearing off, but told me to keep an eye on it. By Friday, it wasn’t much better and I made an appointment to take her back to the veterinarian.

In my usual over-reactive way, I captured her limp on video, complete with slow motion and titles. I brought it on CD with me to the vet’s office. The vet examined her thoroughly and assured me it was NOT a thrown blood clot. It was merely some pain and inflammation from the IM injections given prior to anesthesia. (She most likely made it worse by struggling.) If needed, I can give her some Metacam to help with the inflammation and pain.

The vet was, as usual, wonderful. They didn’t charge me for the visit, and responded to my apologies with “I’d rather see you bring her in, overly concerned, then let it go if it was really something serious”.

While I was there, I picked up some injectable famotadine and syringes for injecting B-complex into the sub-q fluid bags. The receptionist chuckled, saying I always have a “list” of things I want. They know I’m “special” (meaning high-maintenance and crazy). The vet asked to keep the CD with the movie on it. I suspect they’ll all be watching it, complete with popcorn, laughing their heads off at the crazy cat lady’s video of her cat’s leg.

Video of Rumpelmintz’s Leg

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